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Congrats to our very own Sanai Brown

First Place in the Districts Tropicana Speech Contest!

We are Very Proud of you for bringing the victory back to Havana Elementary



Spelling Bee   
Congrats to all of our courageous spelling bee participants... Jurnie Nooney                  ...

Congrats to Our Tropicana Speech Winners   
1St Place Sanai Brown 2nd Place Kiera Kirkland 3RD Place Auderriah Murphy ALso, Very good job to all the participants!!!

School Uniforms   
"Every year, every day, every moment, every opportunity...every child."

Home and Classroom Resource Websites   
Websites to educate all of our students
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Student Promotion Information   
ELIMINATION OF SOCIAL PROMOTION - F.S. 1008.25 (6) EXCEPTIONS:  GOOD CAUSE a. A student with limited English proficiency...